Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Miller/Barnett Family Vacation to Bear Lake

So, by authorization and suggestion of Nicole, I will start writing on these next few posts. This is our Bear Lake Vacation (as perceived by Colin!) ;)

Here are the cousins hanging out in the car together. All of them had decided to make arrangements for which car they wanted to ride in, so that they could spend time with their cousins. Look at that cool group!
Here is Mom with Theron being silly and sticking her head in. I'll bet you one of the younger kids got a hold of the camera or Micah tried to take a selfie!
When we finally arrived at the lake we hiked to (Bloomington Lake), we found this really fun 30ft. rope swing. Of course, that consisted of the main activity for most of the afternoon. Mom and Dad specifically requested for the kids not to back up too much to swing. There were some daredevil teenagers doing some tricks. Well... what can you say... kids want to be cool, too!
Looks like Micah to me. Mom would hang out at the bottom of the swing to make sure the kids jumped in and swam to shore safely. Everyone would always yell for the person on the swing to jump off at the exact right time. Didn't want anything bad to happen, now did we?
Here they are, all huddled up. The lake's temperature wasn't actually that bad. It was such a nice day, as well! And...yeah...that's right...I just dabbed... (Whatever! 0_o )
 They all had such a fun time and went over and over and over again. "Just one more time before we go... Please!?" they would say.
Here's the crew (minus Gabby). Notice Chris, adjusting his glasses. Ha ha!
Here are the super cool kids. Don't ask me where Micah is in the pic. I'm so impressed that we all get along so well together.
The scenery was absolutely spectacular. I would definitely go here again. There are certain benefits and experiences that you can only receive from nature. 
There were also some smaller ponds along the way. Many kids were quite disappointed, since they thought it was the actual lake, which were small. Luckily, the hike was hardly even half a mile to the lake.
Here's Rach: the supermom. Maggie looks like she's dozing off here. She's adorable. 
No. They aren't my glasses, just in case you were wondering. Theron and (well... I in particular) wanted to take a selfie. They look masculine don't they. :D ha ha.
And, as always, it must be tradition to go to La Beau's restaurant for raspberry shakes (or just shakes in general). The lines were very long. I'm not surprised at all that it is so popular.
Doug obviously can't stand the taste! Jk. I love it how Grandpa always takes pictures of everyone in an action shot of the moment. What a great family.
Yummm!!! Legit raspberries, too! The best!
Ah! Micah and his selfies. Theron and Micah are good buddies. 

Nicole writing now. I was trying to capture the beauty of Bear Lake. The camera just can't take in the panorama. The blue of the water is mesmerizing.
The house we rented was within walking distance of Le Beau's. It was great for our extended family. This large room was a perfect girls room. There was a place for each girl to sleep comfortably. I think they loved having space to call their own. They'd come up to visit, watch movies, etc. Plus, they had their own bathroom. Pretty awesome.
The living room was a nice place to relax and visit.
The kitchen is the place to be, of course.
 Chris and Gabby went out for a few hours to find a good spot for our family pictures.

Pickleville Playhouse has become tradition for our family. We all went to see another Juanito Bandito show. At the beginning, the kids had been begging for a snow cone. There was a contest in the theater for the person who cheered the loudest to win one. Guess who won? Yours truly. That's one time the kids were okay with me being loud and obnoxious.
Here they all are, before the show, digging into a snow cone Doug bought.
Some pictures as we are waiting for the show to begin. Dab, Mira!

As the cast says, "Feel free to take pictures, tell your friends, share on social media. But if you didn't like the show, then just SHUUUUT UP!"
Climbing Matthew! He saw this pole and it called his name.
Everyone with Juanito himself.
Dab. (How did this ever become popular?) Even Matthew knows.

Card games around the table as we wait wait to leave for pictures.
 The finished product:

I do believe we were singing happy birthday to someone here. Probably a few people.
One of the things Colin is best at: sleeping! I think this was actually the day we were packing up to go home. He found a quiet, comfy spot and conked out.
A couple of different days were spent at the beach. Nothing special required to have a spectacular day of fun. Juliette was in heaven, having her very own mermaid tail constructed for her by her cousins.
And then Maggie needed one, too.
These little girls had a great time playing around in the sand.
This is an all-day outing. We got to do it all: play, eat, relax.
Sand castles, moats, and holes were created.
Doug and Rachel brought up their Slam Ball game to Bear Lake. We discovered the most fun place to play it is in the shallow water of the beach. Play hard and keep cool. Plus, it adds another component to the challenge.
All the older cousins were so sweet with the younger ones. I hope Chris and Gabby knew how much Eva is loved, and how much fun we had with them being there with us.
Having several vehicles made it a snap to get lunch set up on a table under the awning.
  Everyone out in the water. Adults keeping vigilant watch.
Frisbee is a classic for us at Bear Lake.
Chris helping Eva:
Paige and Eva (and Grant):
Paige is a good little helper!
Gabby, Eva, Mom:
"What do you want to build?"
Our Colin:
Rachel looking lovely:
"Well, hello, there!"
Star Wars?

Sleepy time!

We rented a kayak for several hours. This was fun to take turns on.
A game of make-shift volleyball:

Some of the kids wanted to go out farther in the water, which concerned me. Bear Lake is shallow for such a distance, which is great. But storms can arise quickly. We tried to be vigilant watching the kids and keeping them closer.

Here she is: cute little cousin Eva at our house visiting from Texas. She was such a cutie during her stay. She couldn't stop commenting on her amazing observations with a gasp. Looks like she found Micah's portable charger.
Chris and Gabby had planned a trip to Yellowstone on the heels of Bear Lake. We got to have Eva stay with us. She was a champ. And it was made so much easier because of all the helpers! She slept in the playroom on a little pallet of blankets we made up for her. The kids got a kick of of her flair for the dramatic. She would have funny reactions to different things, and it made us giggle to hear her say, "Ah-mountain" or "Ah-Gramma."
Splash pad fun!
We put these two to work on washing the car:
Went on a walk to the playground. Everything is an adventure!
Ella is a sweetheart with Eva.
Matthew and Eva having fun in the tub:
"Where'd he go?"
Chris making Micah laugh:

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