Friday, December 16, 2016

Mira Turns 10

 This sweet cheeks turned 10. She's growing up! She double-checked with me before bedtime to remind me about breakfast in bed the next day. Can't forget that! I love seeing her first thing in the morning with pink cheeks, tousled hair, puffy eyes, and anticipation for the day.
 Once she had her breakfast and came to the kitchen, she had presents to open. She received a grown-up coloring book, gel pens, a blending pen (which she'd been begging for), a couple of leggings, and a couple of items from Bath and Body Works. She was a happy girl!
 Because he birthday fell on a Sunday, the next day I took her to Boondocks. We didn't stay too long. Her favorite thing there was the Go-Kart. She was the only one on the track (it was freezing outside!) and she rode it for quite a while until her hands became numb.
 Mira had been planning her birthday party for weeks. She knew she wanted a pajama party. We had hot dogs for dinner, played a couple of games, and watched Napoleon Dynamite. At the end, we served mini donuts and sprite shakes.
 The whole gang which included a few neighbors, friends from school, and soccer buddies.
 Mira and Katerina:
 Mikell (they get called twins as a joke quite often):
 Mira these days:
*Just went to her well child Dr. appointment with Dr. Wonnacott (whom I think is terrific!) She was dreading that appointment because she knew the word "puberty" would be discussed, and that that "makes me feel weird!" She is in the 81st percentile for height.
*Mira is thoughtful and kind. She looks for ways to help me, and is sweet to Matthew.
*She loves to read, especially books about girls like her. She's currently reading Meg Cabot's books and loves them.
*She shares a room with Ella and likes to keep her things reasonably organized.
*She sometimes has trouble getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I try to put on music to get Mira, Ella, and Matthew enthused about the day. I'll play music such as Les Mis, Wicked, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, David Archuleta, Christmas music, etc. 
*Mira does really well in school. She knows her multiplication table well, she tries to speak only French in French class, she does her homework, and she takes her studies seriously. She doesn't abide silliness of some of her male classmates. She lets me know that. Ha!
*When I discovered that Mira had forgotten how to identify piano notes, we resolved to work hard to get them back. And she did! She went over flashcards over and over. She has been really good about practicing piano.
*I think we could put Mira into any sport and she would do well. She's an awesome defender in soccer. She just came home from tumbling this week, so excited that she was able to do a round-off with 5 back handsprings and a tuck at the end! That was a first and she was thrilled.
*Mira and Ella are both into the series "Once Upon a Time," which I've been checking out from the library, one season at a time. They love how the fairy tale stories are made modern.
*Mira loves to have her muscles massaged, her back scratched, and 'X' marks the spot at bedtime.

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