Friday, December 16, 2016

Outings, Holiday Prep, Etc.

 We four benefited from four tickets to the Pumpkin Train in Heber Valley that Becky and Kurt Murdoch's family was not going to be able to use. I delivered some big, delicious cinnamon rolls to their house before we left as a thank you.
 Pretty excited to ride a train!
 "Mom, please don't embarrass us."
 This was a special treat! They played fun music and the staff were all dressed up, played a few fun games, and handed out pumpkin cookies. The even played Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," and at that point Ella, Mira, and Matthew got into the jam and we were all belting it out together. My dream come true!

 After going through the "haunted" train car, we got to choose a pumpkin to take home with us.
One day, while these three were off track, we headed over to the Living Planet Aquarium. First stop was a 3-D Robinson Crusoe short movie.
 The penguins are fun to watch glide through the water. We wished we could reach out and pet them.

 These next pictures were all prefaced with, "Mom! Get a picture of me on this!"

 (As a side note, I love Ella's hair in this style.)
 The girls aren't the only ones who have fun in Bath and Body Works!
 Ella was invited by Mrs. Hanson and Mr. Pullan to be part of a small group to paint folk art on one of Fox Hollow's pianos that would otherwise have been salvaged. They worked on this for weeks. I wondered how it would turn out, and I absolutely love it! Definitely folksy and colorful. Ella got to paint in several locations.
 Each artist signed their largest piece.
 Bonding moment.
 Shelly Sutton sent me this picture she took while teaching Colin's Sunday School class. She brings baby Caleb with her each Sunday. I think it's wonderful. I feel lucky Colin gets her as a teacher!
Griffin Morrow is one of Matthew's favorite playmates. We invited Griffin over one day, and Matthew told me, "Be sure to ask him to bring his snow things so we can build a snowman." And that's the first thing they did! They named him George.
 Later, they were downstairs wrestling. Matthew just loves his buddy!
 And this was constructed one day in the office while I was busy helping with a luncheon for the teachers. Matthew kept himself occupied and was proud of his creation.
 I thought I'd treat Matthew and Ella to lunch at Cafe Rio one day. They were still off track and Mira was at a friend's house. They loved it! We also discovered that one meal between the two of them would suffice.
 Colin looking as dapper as can be.

 I arranged a snowshoeing date with whoever wanted to join. Sheryl Smith, Marnie Bussell, and Emily Hincks obliged. We went up Big Cottonwood to Donut Falls and tromped around the campground for about 1 1/2 hours. Next time I won't wear my big winter coat. I was roasting!

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