Thursday, December 15, 2016

Random Photos

 I am now in Young Women. After years of serving in Primary (mostly), Relief Society, and other auxiliary callings, this is new territory for me! (The only time in my life I've served in YW was when Chad and I were newlyweds in Pocatello. I was the Beehive advisor for a brief stint.) Being YW president, I am over the Laurels. There is so much to learn and do. But I love it already. I enjoy being able to do mutual with them. On this particular night, I remember it was election day because my advisor, Christy Christensen was stuck in a line voting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (Groan.) We'd planned to make caramel apples. I'd never made them before. Super easy. Plus, I learned that rolling it in crushed Oreos bumps it up a notch! Here are Alexa Anglin and Morgan Harris:
Another activity was painting mini pumpkins. They loved this. Alexa said, "I love doing this kind of activity! Crafting is so fun." Pictured below: Alexa, Ashlyn Pearce, (Matthew), Morgan, Chastity Mayo, Lexi Holladay, and Abby Christensen. Ella, Mira, and Matthew let me know they wanted to do the same thing. The next day I went out and bought pumpkins for them to paint. They loved it!
 One month the combined YM/YW activity was to drive to JMS (school for the deaf) to watch Bella Holladay perform with her classmates in preparation for the Shakespearean Festival. I loved that we were all there, and she knew we were there to support her. It was very cool.
 The laurels were in charge of the hot chocolate table for our ward Christmas party. Christy Christensen, Abby, Alexa, and I went to Smiths to get all the goodies. And we saw Santa--and he looked like the real deal!
  Having fun with Micah.
 Matthew loves to move, climb, run, jump, wiggle. Chad and I laugh because sometimes he just cannot sit still. And this boy does love to run. He ran home from the Confortos house one night. I followed him in the car. He likes for me to drop him off at the end of our neighborhood after school so he can run the rest of the way home. Chad, Mira, Matthew, and I went for a run one night of a couple of miles. We were so impressed with Matthew! He ran the entire way, even though he started getting tired. Chad kept encouraging him. Mira stayed with me. She's in good shape from soccer.
 Colin, the human playground.
 He can be tenderhearted. He loves to express his affection for his siblings. He will approach them and tell them he loves them and offer a hug and kiss of the cheek.
 This picture cracks me up. I know Micah would tell me not to include it. But it's the middle of the school day and he's not around, is he? Hee hee.
 This was their band concert around Halloween, so they were invited to wear costumes. I have no idea where he got that wig.
 Hubba hubba.
 Micah's been participating in early morning jazz band. He plays tuba during band class, and trumpet in jazz band. He seems to enjoy it!
Oh, the PTA fundraiser. Mary Anderson took this on and it was at least as successful as last year's fundraiser which was a lot more time, work, and planning than this. I think we will probably do World's Finest Chocolate again next year. Our family sold several boxes. The kids (mainly Matthew, but help from Mira and Ella) went door to door in our neighborhood. We also took them to the soccer fields. They sell quickly!
 Mira got her hands on my phone and snapped away as we were walking into Smiths with Hinckley and Mikell.

 We all stayed up late to watch the results of the 2016 presidential election come in. It was a nail-biter! I was thrilled Hillary didn't win. (Donald Trump, however, was not my choice. I just hope he appoints good people and does good things.)
Melinda sent me these cute pictures from when Mira and Mikell got to choose a prize for submitting a drawing for red ribbon and safety week about why it is important.

 School lunch at Herriman High School was not too shabby. I generally bring in my own lunch from home. But on Fridays, because the schools are always short on subs, some schools bribe subs with free lunch. I was so impressed, I took this picture to show Chad. I even got one of the famous peanut butter brownies. I need to find out how they make theirs because theirs are delicious!
 The Viridian Center in West Jordan puts on a monthly show, and when I learned this night was entitled "An Evening on Broadway" and would include songs from Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera, I knew the girls and I had to be there!
 These are local folks who were spectacular! We loved the whole thing. Ella and Mira thought it was just great.
 Our YW had Young Women in Excellence. We invited all activity day girls and their parents to learn about Young Women and to see what Personal Progress is all about. I loved that we had so many people there. It made it good for the YW to share their talents and what they'd done for PP. It served a dual purpose because on top of that, the younger girls got excited about entering YW. The treats afterwards were provided by each YW. This is when all the YW sang "Beauty Is" by Jenny Phillips. I'm looking forward to Ella joining YW with me!
Micah turned Jack into a dapper dog with a bow tie and his au natural tux.

 Ella invited Cali Franc over to have a friend to hang with while Mira and her friends did their thing.
 Mira had been asking if she could have a late over with a bunch of friends. We invited all these cute girls and I told Mira I would make them all breakfast for dinner.
 Matthew and Daddy-o reading scriptures during breakfast.
 We think it's the funniest, goofiest thing when Jack sits like this. We call it "sitting like an old man."
 Mira was invited by Hinckley Van Orden to go to the Curiosity Museum one day off track. Looks like they had a blast. Hinckley is such a little cutie. I feel fortunate that Mira has such kind friends.

 For both pictures below: I love how responsible Mira is. We asked her to prepare a FHE lesson. She went in, sat down with the materials she needed, and put together a wonderful lesson. She really is thoughtful when she does this.  Matthew loves basketball. Cooper Johnson is in his class at school, and they are in Junior Jazz together, coached by Chad (of course). These boys play a lot of bball at school. Matthew get into it! I love how intense they are. At his last game, Matthew had awesome rebounding and made a few shots. It was exciting to watch. These boys are learning and progressing. (They were on the same team together last year, too.)

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