Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Some Things We Do in the Summertime

Mom came for the 4th of July. She is such a trooper to pile in with us and endure the heat. She's always pleasant to have.
Before we left, we did the traditional painting of the face. Typically, I'll paint the American flag, Captain America shield, stars, USA, and fireworks. The kids love this. Well, the younger ones. Chad found a great parking spot, and we found a spot to sit that was just enough for us. Thank goodness we had umbrellas--it was a scorcher.
Before we went to the parade, I had to verify that candy was going to be thrown. What's a parade without candy thrown? Winner!

We were invited to come to the Newtons for a swim and barbeque. Always a favorite. The kids are happy to spend time with their cousins, and I enjoy visiting.
Bundle up!
Theron headed up some line dancing. The Newtons had a big speaker which they hooked up so they could have their tunes and par-tay!
Ella and Mira hopped in and had so much fun!
Micah with his Flynn Rider "smolder."
I loved swim lessons this year. This was the best experience I've had with swim lessons. They are run out of the home of Susan Bills in West Jordan. Her daughters and grandchildren help teach. What makes me love it is that these ladies are experienced. They don't put up with any nonsense, yet they are kind and encouraging. I saw more progress in one session at Susan's home than I've seen other times. At the end of the session, Susan invited all the swimmers for a "meet." They were competing against their own time.
London and Saylor Woodside took lessons, too. It was great to carpool!
Each student received a ribbon and a treat. There's my sweet Matthew-boy.
Matthew likes his goggles nice and tight--haha.
"Hold on tight, Matthew!" says Micah.

I brought over the snow cone machine for Mira's soccer team. They worked hard during practice, and it was hot. They sure enjoyed the snow cones!
Chad took Matthew on a one-on-one date to an RSL game. I think Matthew knew he was something special.
I love that there are all these fun inflatables and games set up for the kids. Matthew took advantage of them!
That boy loves to climb. Wow!
Oh yeah!
Micah had a pretty awesome opportunity to attend Discovery Space Camp in Lehi for a week (Monday-Friday). I'd learned about a grant program the state had to encourage kids to participate in STEM camps and projects. I encouraged Micah to apply. He wrote a couple of essays and jumped through the hoops to get his paperwork submitted online. And he got it! It was a $500 camp! He'd been once (at another DSC site) for a field trip in elementary school. He'd described how awesome it was, and that he'd love to be able to go to a camp sometime. So I was thrilled he was awarded the grant!
C'mon, Micah. Show me your heart-melting smile!
He permitted me to take one picture of him when I dropped him off. Just one. And quick.
This is the center where he and his crew spent their time. It was cool!
Micah has spent time drawing. I love to see what he comes up with. This is one he must've taken a picture of. I'll always remember the very first "real" drawing he did of a Roman soldier. (I think it was Roman...?) He'd worked hard on it and surprised himself at how well it turned out. We should have that somewhere. It is a special one.
Our new neighbors across the street, the Wildes, invited us to come pick as many cherries off their trees as we wanted. Boy, did we have fun! Matthew and the girls were vying for time on the ladder to do their fair share of picking. I made one cherry pie (or crumble...?), but most of the rest we just ate. The kids loved having them as a yummy snack anytime.

I think we sent this to Micah one night while he was at space camp.
We discovered, for the first time, Herriman Reservoir. I can't believe I hadn't been up there before. What a great little spot. We visited several times this summer.
This time we were with Tiffany Van Orden (Hinckley's family). They had a great time splashing and playing.
And they needed mermaid tails, naturally.
Mira instructed me to make scales. Not too shabby.
Ella make her own little cute mermaid.
Matthew would have fun playing in the water, playing a game in the sand with me, digging, and then coming back to our spot for a snack and relaxation.
I brought strawberries and chocolate pudding. It was a hit!
Not sure when exactly this was, but aren't they cute? Oh, I'm betting it was soon after I returned from girls camp. The hat Mira is wearing is one I brought back for the girls. Sweet things.
Melinda Gardner sent me these cute pictures of Mira at Mikell's birthday party. I think they had fun!
Roasted marshmallows in the back.
Birthday treats and an outdoor movie!
Did I already post about Colin getting his permit? Anyway, he'd been so concerned about not passing the permit test. And then he did with no problem. It's been 6 months now, as I write this post, and he's got the route between Copper Hills High School and our house down pat. He's driven around a little, running an errand to Jordan Landing, picking up someone from a friend's house. He even drove on Bangerter for a short stretch once. It's congested here, and I want to take this driving experience nice and easy. I think Colin does, too. And we still have winter driving ahead of us. Eek.
Colin working on a project for his haunted house. This boy worked hours upon hours throughout the year on his project. I was so impressed with his organization and dedication to this passion of his.
Chad took me on a date to an RSL game.
One Sunday afternoon we thought it would be lovely to take a walk around Daybreak lake. Then we spotted this playground and attempted doing cool things. There was some tag involved on the grass. Micah may have been tackled and tickled.

What a pretty day!
Ha! I just love Micah.
Tone it down, buddy.
Matthew trying his hand and skipping rocks.
My sweet Ella. And my Micah. Love them!
Went to Blackridge Reservior one last time. This day it was cooler. We still got in the water, but it was a little harder this time with the cool breeze.
Matthew digging around
Mira (and her recovering black eye--story to come).
Fun day!

Mira and Hinckly playing at the Sierra Newbold park. Sillies! They are funny when they get together.
While on the Emergency Prep committee, we planned a neighborhood dutch oven cook-off. Sophie Rice and Lanissa Bell were awesome to work with.
We had a good turnout. Quite a few people who were new to me.
Firefighters and police showed up to support us. as we were participating in the national "Night Out Against Crime."
There was some tasty food! Vince Kanagae made a mean bean dish. That was the winner in my book!

Badgers, Leshes, and Hannas.

The fire department was kind enough to bring their engine and let kids explore.

All the kids had fun trying on the suit! There's Mira. Hmm, maybe just a little on the large side?
Matthew and Ella:
Explaining how their gear works:

Mira's soccer team had a great season! The took second overall in their age category. Mira played hard! I love watching her play her position: defender. She is excellent at playing that position. And she communicates well with her co-defenders.
One of the teammates brought these cute hair ribbons so all the girls could match for their playoff games.
Having a pow-wow during half time. It was a brutally hot day! I started bringing a container with washcloths in ice water so the girls could cool off.
Chad and Julie made a good coaching pair.
Terrific girls!
They had the opportunity to attend a game together at the RSL stadium.
These girls are genuine friends. I love to watch them put their arms around each other, act silly, laugh, and work hard together. What a neat thing!
Good job, Razzia!
High five!
Micah made me play Bean Boozled with him. What did I ever do to deserve this? I got dog food, rotten egg, and stinky socks. I don't want to play again, please.
Ella was in a community production of "Snow White." She got the part of Happy the dwarf. She had a lot of fun being in this. Bell, Aria, and Monte Conforto were also part of it.
They practiced a lot. I think Ella made some nice friends.
We all went to her performance. Great job, Ella!
Ella and Bella:
We are proud of you, Ella!

The whole gang?

Micah, helping himself to some yummy popcorn:
At the library one evening, we noticed someone had brought ducks. They are pretty adorable!

Oh, Crossfit. I love you, but you hurt. Box jumps.
If I had to think of one store that is a place these two would happily spend an hour in, it would be Bath and Body Works. They try as many samples as possible. They love to spray the cards and then take the cards home to relive the scent.
Mm, which one do you like best?
One Sunday afternoon we drove up to see the suspension bridge in Draper: Bear Canyon Bridge Trail.
It was a lovely afternoon. We had to put in some effort getting up there, first.
Some people liked to try to shake the bridge. I'm not naming any names. But you can guess who, can't you, Colin? Haha
Spitting contest! I mean, that bridge is just begging you to do it!
Ella had to get some nature shots for me.
Goofy face!

Went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the waterfall trail with Melinda and the kids. Gorgeous day for a hike! These two always have fun together.
Good balance!
Be careful, Matthew...
What a view!
The kids made it up a steeper section before stopping for pictures. Looks like someone built a fire here. Naughty, naughty.
Our hiking crew:
Cute kids!
I think they are so trained to stop and pose for photos.
"Oh, yeah! Check us out, all the way up here."
Ella, Kenzie, Mira, Mikell:
Good hair day. It must be recorded.
First day of school celebration! We moms met at Natasha Woodside's to load up on water balloons and water guns. Then we went to town on these girls. Finished the ambush with popsicles.
Back to school! (This was, like, the second day of school because I didn't have it together on the first day, I gues.) Mira in 4th, Ella in 6th (rule the school, girl!), and Matthew in 1st. The last year they'll be together in one school. Weep.
At the start of the first day
 Ella in her class:
 These two asked me to take their picture.

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