Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wrapping Up Summer

 We were invited to go swimming with the Confortos. Since I was subbing that day, Chad took them over. Lots of fun!
Matthew and his Daddy were buddies.
 Halftime pow-wow.
 These girls were working hard!
 The best, most kind grocer in the world is here at our Smiths. He makes trips to different neighborhoods to pass out goodies. We were lucky enough to get Nutella! Thanks, Bruce! But what makes him the best grocer is not just the freebies he hands out. He plays his trumpet for Christmas and birthdays. He speaks kindly to everyone and encourages kindness in others. He uplifts and tells everyone they are beautiful, and that it's not just what you see in the mirror that makes you that way. He is a gem.
 Sled pulls at the soccer fields for our CrossFit wod one day. "Dig, dig!"
 Matthew was imitating "TapeFace" from America's Got Talent. Or maybe he just didn't feel like speaking. Ha!
 Smoothies are popular in this household. The regular flavors are banana, banana-chocolate, and banana-blueberry. The kids like to make them when they have a hankering for something cool and sweet.
 I believe this was taken one evening when Chad and I though we would do something fun a different for Family Home Evening. A sort of scavenger hunt. We left them with a phone and we texted them different tasks they had to perform in order to find out where Chad and I were and what the plan was. We sent them to the front yard to do cartwheels, to the Kanagae's to deliver a treat, and to Darla's to read a scripture. We were hiding out at Fox Hollow's field with a volleyball, ready to play. They made it over and we played as the sky began to darken. 

 I envision certain things happening in my family. These are dreams such as: spending a quiet evening at home, everyone reading quietly together, cozy-like in the living room; sitting around the dinner table having stimulating conversation for an hour; working in the yard happily side-by-side. These are all dreams. Reality shows me dinnertime is noisy, fast-moving, and sometimes discipline-laden. (I hate that part.) But we do have moments of laughter, retelling of stories, discussion, and silliness. Still, I can dream.
 For this particular FHE we had a campfire (everyone is always enthusiastic for that). For our game, we played "Chubby Bunny."

 Doug and Rachel invited us to Kent Smith Memorial Park on Labor Day to play some Ultimate Frisbee. When we arrived, it was chilly with the wind blowing. While we waited for the Newton side to arrive, we played some volleyball.
 ...Tossed around a frisbee.
 Everyone arrived and the games started. They were intense and fun! Lots of running, swiping, and snatching involved.
 How fortunate we are to have this for our backdrop. Mountain Green is a beautiful place!

 Afterwards, we all went swimming and had a barbecue. Can't say "no" to that!

 The girls and their dance routines!
 Mira had a game in Park City.
 She played hard as usual!
 An important member of the family:
 Volleyball has been a fun sport for Ella to get involved in. Being on a team with her school friends has been great. Here are Riley, Whitney, and Ryo:
 The whole team:
 When presented with some different athletic options, Micah chose cross country, which I thought was a great choice. He trained with his group and had a couple of competitions. He did well and improved on his time!
 Next year he'll be a ninth grader and can train with the high school cross country team, which will be awesome.

 Looks like a little trip for Dad and Matthew to Lodestone Park.
 I love that Mira loves to help me in the kitchen. When I'm making dinner she loves to offer to help. She's fun to have around.
 I'd heard talk about a softball team CrossFit Helo was putting together, so I went out on a limb and joined. I hadn't played since I was about 12. I just didn't want to make a complete fool of myself. I shouldn't have worried. There was a variety of skill levels, and everyone was positive and motivating. It was a lot of fun to be a part of. I'd love to do it again sometime. I told Chad it would be fun to get some sort of team together. Maybe a neighborhood team...?
 Fox Hollow T-shirt orders came in and these three looked so stinking adorable in theirs, I had to get a picture.
 Matthew having a little "tea."
 The PTA put on a safety fun fair. Niki George and Melinda Gardner were over it and did an awesome job. There was a police officer, face painting, balloon animals, outdoor movie, prizes, and concessions. A super fun night. And I'm so grateful for Chad's support in my responsibility as PTA president. When he comes he helps out willingly. He's a good man.

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