Monday, January 16, 2017

Yule Ball

 I'd heard about the Yule Ball at the Viridian Center from a couple of friends who said it was pretty fun. It was for ages 12-19. With Ella being 2 weeks away from her birthday, we thought she would really enjoy this. She has a couple of friends from school, Bayli Atherly and Ryo Lyon, who were also 12. So we invited them to come. The Yule Ball suggested either formal dress or Harry Potter-like costume. We borrowed a cloak and Ella planned out what she wanted to wear. Ella had Ravenclaw (with her gorgeous new Christmas dress in royal blue), Bayli (a die hard Harry Potter fan) was dress in her cloak, and Ryo was Luna Lovegood. They were so stinking cute!
 Mira and Matthew were trying so hard to photobomb--haha!
 At the Yule Ball there was dancing in the ballroom, butterbeer served, real live owls to visit, palm reading, etc. I wondered if they would want to come home early at some point, but I really didn't see much of them until the very end. They went strong from 7-10pm!
 Bayli was the only willing one to get a picture with Newton Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
 The event photographer took these of the girls doing the cancan. I just love them. Ella happened to see our neighbor, Erin Morton, while there. Looks like they were having a good ol' time!
 As we were driving home, Ella was telling me that, at first, she didn't know if she wanted to dance. But then everyone was just having a good time and no one was judging anyone else for being silly or dancing for fun. So they joined right in! I was so happy they got to go to this event. Next year again, for sure!

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