Monday, January 16, 2017

YW Kidnapping

 Our YW presidency thought it would be fun to "kidnap" all our YW one Saturday morning to get them all together for a little breakfast and fun. Personally, I got a kick out of going with Christy Christensen to collect girls. We got to wake a couple of them. All of them were blindfolded as I drove them around to confuse them and then guided them down to our basement. We had hot chocolate, donuts, and oranges. Here are Macy Judd, Lexi Holladay, and Abby Christensen:
 Natalie Johnston had a couple of team-building games planned. It was a good way to get the different aged girls to mix a little. Unbeknownst to Ella, she was part of that plan. Joni Thacker came and picked her up since she turns 12 this month. (There she is in the maroon shirt towards the back.)
 I think they had a good time. I love having them to my house. It's more cozy than the church, and I think the girls can start to feel like they know their leaders a little more and become more comfortable when we do things like this.

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